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Isländisch III

Montag, 29 Mai 2017, Rendsburg
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MUNOL Model United Nations of Luebeck

Montag, 29 Mai 2017, Lübeck
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Preisverleihung des 64. Europäischen Wettbewerbs

Dienstag, 30 Mai 2017, Kiel
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Europe in South Schleswig

Europe is present everywhere in South Schleswig, even if you do not always see this at first sight. Schleswig-Holstein receives significant amounts from the two main funding programs of the European Union : the agricultural policy and regional policy. From 2007 to 2013 approximately 474 million euros flowed from the EU Structural Funds to Schleswig-Holstein, which was the largest amount ever in history. A significant proportion of the funds was accounted for the agricultural sector, from which the predominantly agriculturally structured Südschleswig particularly benefited.  But also in the fields of labor market, education , research , school partnerships , cultural and youth exchange, the European Union promoted and promotes many projects in South Schleswig. A special role is played by the cross-border cooperation with Denmark and the other Baltic Sea countries, which was built up with the help of EU funds and is steadily deepened.