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The European Academy Schleswig-Holstein is a centre for adult education and offers seminars and conferences on political and cultural subjects in a European context. It highlights the chances opened up by a united Europe and furthers European awareness. Events are open to an interested general public.

There are two main areas of study:

  • Europa-Akademie concentrates mainly on European institutions, politics, culture and everyday life of our neighbouring countries.
  • The European Academy for minority issues sees its role in helping to solve problems regarding minorities.


The European Academy Schleswig-Holstein was founded in 1974 and was relocated from Leck to Sankelmark in 1999. The academy is maintained by the Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein e.V., an organization that embraces institutions from Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

Since 2011 the Akademie Sankelmark, the Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein and the Academia Baltica have amalgamated into the Akademiezentrum Sankelmark.

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