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"Poetic Science" the colors of the rainbow have a sound

There were times when people thought that the main task of angels was to sing. Souls, gods, God's alleged creation was praised. The sky was animated and full of music, because even when the stars were circling, music would arise from the spheres. Science today dispels these idealistic ideas. I think that energy and mass coincide in infinity. From this "nothing" the universe breathes, dances, plays, sings the song we call creation. So everything is simultaneous and relative. Everything changes into resonance - energy, mass, spirit, space-time. Music and colours also emerge from these vibrations. The tones order the sound, the rhythm orders the time in space. An octave is divided as a scale into 8 tones by intervals, the colour spectrum of the rainbow behaves analogously. Music and colour thus represent sounds. I use them to form photographic images and objects, ideas. When the soul resounds, the creation is recognized in resonance.

Heinz Teufel

Notes on the image design. We try to understand what our senses perceive. We create an impression. With the camera we stop the world for a fraction of the time and depict it. Beyond this photographic representation of reality, I am interested in the artistic interpretation of the perceived world. Through creative image design, through the play with sharpness and blurriness, through movement and creative image processing, I visually reinvent the world again and again.

The exhibition is open:

Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00 Uhr

on weekends on request

The Gallery of Vision

The Gallery of Vision in the Academy presents high-calibre photo exhibitions every three months. The curator is the internationally successful photographer Heinz Teufel, who brings together outstanding results from the Sankelmark photo workshops, the workshops of the Leica Academy and individual exhibitions of internationally renowned photographers. The focus is on encounters and education: Encounter as visual communication through photography and education as an aesthetic school of vision.“


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